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Defining the look
of news in
the 21st century

This is where it all started. In his ten years as creative director, Mark Porter created a design philosophy and style for The Guardian which helped it build an international reputation.

It began with the game-changing relaunch of the printed paper. This ground-breaking project re-invented the medium and has been described as “the last great newspaper redesign”. The design principles from print were then rolled out to a new website, and as smartphones and tablets emereged on the scene over the following years, into mobile sites and apps. The visual philosophy also found wider applications beyond editorial, in events, advertising and environments.

The design system which Mark Porter introduced made The Guardian one of the world’s most recognisable news organisations, and the first legacy newspaper company to present a coherent cross-platform identity to the world.

In the ten years since Mark left the Guardian a new team has made many changes, but the core design philosophy and approach live on and are as effective today as ever.

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