De Persgroep


Digital consultancy
for one of Europe’s top
newspaper groups

We have a long-standing relationship with De Persgroep, the Belgium-based group which owns some of Europe’s most successful newspapers.

After executing several redesigns of Persgroep papers, we were asked to consult on a major project to create a “white label” design system for web, mobile and a daily edition app. De Persgroep had assembled a formidable team under editor Marten Blankensteijn, including a group of highly talented and capable designers and developers. Our role was to advise and influence, and use our knowledge of designing the very best reading experiences to support the work of the in-house team.

The designs were originally developed for De Volkskrant, Amsterdam’s quality liberal daily, but have since been rolled out to Het Parool, Trouw, and several other Persgroep papers. Subscriptions are booming, and Trouw, to which we paid special attention, has recently been voted news website of the year.

Editor: Marten Blankensteijn.
In-house design team:
Matthew Adeney, Misha Scholte, Jort de Vries

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